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Fresh orange juice has a lot of healthy vitamin C Drinking orange juice helps stabilize blood pressure: Orange juice contains high levels of magnesium, making it the perfect drink for people with low or high blood pressure. Magnesium helps stabilize blood pressure back to normal levels. Drinking orange juice helps improve the immune system: Orange […]

The Benefits of Drinking Aloe Vera Juice

Aloe vera juice benefits: Aloe vera juice first and foremost contains antioxidants, or substances that help reduce your chances of developing conditions such as diabetes and heart disease. But aloe vera juice offers benefits beyond just prevention. A low-calorie, low-sugar option: Regular juices aren’t always healthy. Not all of them have a high percentage of […]

The health benefits of Soya

Top 5 health benefits:  Source of protective antioxidants: Soya beans contain natural compounds called “isoflavones”. These polyphenols are powerful antioxidants and as such help minimize the damage known as oxidative stress, done by molecules called free radicals. It’s this oxidative stress which is involved in both aging and the onset of chronic disease. Soya beans […]

The Pros and Cons of Energy Drinks

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PROS:  Gives a boost in energy – Two key ingredients in energy drinks are sugar and caffeine. The combination of these supplements is what charges your mind and body to stay awake and energized to combat a long day. When you’re energized, you’re able to effectively complete your task. Can improve your mood and attitude – Once you’re high […]


The NFC Juices represent the highest quality juice in our range. NFC means Not From Concentrate and so this juice is what you simply obtain from the mechanical fruits squeezing without anything added. The juice then is refined and gently pasteurized (or not-pasteurized if required by the client) . This quality absolutely keeps the freshness […]

Benefits Of Coconut Water

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Benefits Of Coconut Water 1.Natural sports drink Coconut water’s natural electrolytes make it a solid match for traditional sports drinks like Gatorade. Made without added sugar, food coloring, or artificial sweeteners, many people reach for coconut water as a more natural performance drink. Studies have shown that coconut water can perform just as well as […]